Better patient outcomes and medical cannabis business growth

Utilizing data insights created by advanced technologies and user contributions.

The Prescriptii Customer Care Solution

Prescriptii Retail allows you to create and manage a customized loyalty program for your clients through a portal directly linked to the consumer-end mobile app.

The Onward Loyalty Program

The Citizen Green Platform creates price optimization and sales predictions for you, using machine learning. These insights enable you to increase customer acquisition, spend, and retention.

The Citizen Green MarketPlace

Every time patients share about their health journey through the app, both you and the user earn Citizen Green Coin (CGC) cryptocurrency. They can use CGC for product discounts, and you can trade it on exchanges through a secure crypto-wallet, converting it to additional revenue. You can also use CGC to buy reports in the MarketPlace.


Choose Your Membership Level

The Citizen Green Onward Program has Freemium and Premium signup options to meet varying business needs. The Freemium option offers the benefit of basic customer and product insights, while the Premium options enable you to access unlimited reports and tailor a loyalty program to your customers using CGC.

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