Citizen Green Technologies Create Data Insights to Drive the Medical Cannabis Industry Forward

Efixii for Cannabis Growers

Efixii helps cultivators and manufacturers meet and exceed the most stringent global medical cannabis regulations. Through an easy to use mobile app, cultivators can harnesses the power of a Blockchain by securely providing self-certified registration of all the steps involved in cultivation, testing, distribution and sales of their products.  Efixii gives medical cannabis growers the tools they need to get their products to market seamlessly, safely and build trust with everyone who uses them.

The Prescriptii Patient Care Solution

Prescriptii Patient mobile app allows patients to get personalized recommendations and provide feedback.

Retailers can create and manage customized loyalty programs through the Prescriptii Retail portal, directly linked to the patient-end mobile app.

Choose Your Membership Level

Citizen Green Technologies interlocks cultivators, labs, distributors, and retailers to ensure that each gram of medical cannabis meet all regulatory guidelines for quality, safety, criminality and efficacy. Find the membership level which best suits your business.