23 Directories You Must List You Dispensary On

With retail Cannabis sales projected to hit up to $6.8 billion by 2021, we can soon expect some cutthroat competition to spark up in this otherwise peace-loving industry. As this seedling market begins to bloom, any competitive advantages on the marketing-front are warmly welcomed. Serving this end, we’ve already seen the rise of many monumental consumer-oriented dispensary directories. Key players such Leafly, Weedmaps, and Pot Guide stand to influence hundreds of thousands of customers per month through their custom API’s. As a dispensary owner, it is definitely in your best interest to be featured on these sites.

Listing with a directory generally enables you to showcase your:

  • Location
  • Strain menus and products
  • Photos and videos
  • Store hours
  • Special Deals
  • Delivery options
  • Reviews
  • And more!

For your convenience we’ve compiled a list of some of the 23 most popular North American dispensary directories here:

  1. Pot Guide

potguide website

Pot Guide is a cannabis-tourism focused hub for medical and recreational dispensaries, local events, special deals, and 420 friendly lodging and lounges. With around 640K monthly visitors, you should definitely register to start attracting out of state enthusiasts.

Audience is 89% US and Canada based

Listing – Free


  1. Weedmaps


Hosting 6.4 million monthly visits, Weedmaps is one of the industry’s most popular dispensary networks. Dispensaries, delivery services, and doctors can all sign up for free to enjoy a listing on this quintessential weed map. Paid options are available to further boost your brand in their search ranks.

Audience is 94% US and Canada based

Listing – Free


  1. Leafly Finder

leafly directory

Boasting a massive 11.5 million monthly hits, Leafly is the leading source of all things cannabis. Their location-based search ensures that customers can always find a dispensary nearby. Their basic listing is free, but paid services allow for advanced marketing perks such as hosting dispensary videos with your listing.

Audience is 73% US and Canada based

Listing – Free and paid options


  1. Merry Jane

merryjane directory

Merry Jane’s dispensary location service provides yet option for listing your store location or delivery service on a world map. The service lets customers search for specific products and find out which local shops carry the strains they need. 379K people visit this site each month, so definitely sign up for a free listing to get the word out about your business.

Audience is 66% US and Canada based

Listing – Free and paid options


  1. THC Finder


THC Finder lets you locate dispensaries, clinics, deliveries, smoke shops, cannabis lawyers, and even seed banks all from the convenience of their map. If you fall into one of these categories, sign up for a free listing and let the new customers find your location with ease.

US based audience

Free listing


  1. Cannabis.net

cannabis.net directory

Cannabis.net’s streamlined site designed invites 336K visitors per month to find dispensaries, doctors, and lawyers near you through their simple search function. Listing with them ranges from free to $99 per month for some special added perks.

Audience is 72% US and Canada based,

Listing – Free and Paid options


  1. MedicalMarijuana.com

medicmarijuana.com directory

For $99 per month, MedicalMarijuana.com allows you to list your cannabusiness with your name, contact info, website, one location, and one photo. A premium package for $249 a month lets your listing sport multiple category placements, ten photos, and a direct contact button.

US based audience

Paid listing


  1. Allbud.com

Allbud listing directory

An impressive 1.64 million monthly visitors show up on Allbud each month to check out dispensaries, deals, and doctors. Registering for free lets you upload photos, add your menu items, respond to reviews, and much more. Sign up anonymously and start attracting new clients here.


  1. Weedy

weedy listing

A free listing on weedy lets you list your business information and mark your location on the map. Special features cost up to $299 per month allow access to a multitude of features including a Buy Now button tied to their innovative online ordering platform. Furthermore Weedy offers premium-level SEO support to help attract a large logcal audience.

US based audience

Listing – Free and Paid options


  1. Leafbuyer

leafbuyer directory

Leafbuyer lets over 288K monthly visitors explore dispensary locations, deals, and menus. List your dispensary, head shop, or smoke shop and start collecting reviews. The site also helps you attract customers and customize your online presence through their personalized, industry-leading technology.

Audience is 91% is US and Canada based

Listing – Free (Requires to contact)


  1. Where’s Weed

wheresweed directory listing

Where’s Weed is a slick online API that allows users to search their location for cannabis businesses. Packages range from free to $549 per month, allowing for perks including a larger icon on the map, dispensary photos, and reviews displayed alongside your listing. With 301K, listing here could be a solid investment.

Audience is 97% is US and Canada based

Listing – Free and paid options


  1. Cannabis Reports

cannabisreport directory

Cannabis Reports’ plans range from $99 to $299 per month and give you access to 129K pairs of eyes per month. Your brand will appear on every page associated with the products you carry, thus increasing patient awareness about your dispensary. You can even use their API to power your own website, mobile apps, and internal tools by managing your inventory from their single dashboard. Furthermore, detailed online menus will let customers let to know your brand.

Audience is 77% US and Canada based

Listing – Paid


  1. Wiki Leaf


687K cannabis consumers visit Wikileaf each month. Listing through them allows your business to get noticed on their map, mobile apps, Civilized LIfe, Grasscity, and more. Get listed to let customers searching for your products quickly find your shop.

Audience is 72% is US and Canada based

Listing – Free


  1. Weed Depot


Weed Depot is a champion of Marijuana news and activism, state laws, and cannabis strains. Get listed on their map to start sharing your location, products, photos, and deals with customers.

US audience

Listing – Free


  1. The Headshop Finder

head shop finder

The Headshop Finder attracts 177K visitors per month. Their free plan allows you to simply list your shop, however, plans up to $5.95 per month allow you to approve and reject reviews, remove competitor links, place higher on the side, add a contact us page, post your menu, upload photos, create coupons, and post your store hours.

Audience is 93% is US and Canada based

Listing – Free or Paid


  1. Kush Guide

kush directory

Kush Guide is an excellent aggregation of shops, deals, products, and events in your local area. Register for free with them to start sharing this pertinent information and begin building a local community in Kush Guide’s audience of 54K visitors per month.

Audience is 90% US and Canada based

Listing – Free


  1. Cannabis Search

cannabis search listing

Cannabis Search attracts 300k visitors to their directory. Attract customers by listing your your business’ promotional offers, discounts, and discounts. Furthermore, the platform allows you to respond to reviews and complaints. Registering with them is free.

Audience is US based

Listing – Free


  1. Weedter


Weedter promises to get customers the best discounts in their local area, letting them to sort through new and trending deals nearby. Furthermore, the site allows for quick searches for dispensaries, vendors, seed banks, and vape shops. List your business for free here.

US based audience

Listing – Free


  1. Blaze Now

blaze now dir

List your delivery service, dispensary, doctor’s office, and or vape shop on Blaze Now to start attracting a gamut of new eyes to your business. Registering your business is free allows you to collect ratings, list your menu, and your location info with site visitors.

Audience is US based

Listing – Free


  1. Marijuana Central

marijuana central

Register with Marijuana Central to gain access to 83K monthly visitors. A free listing will lets you list your address, reviews, contact information, one photo, store hours, and social media links. Payed options up to $77 per month let you showcase more photos and social media sites, a video, a more detailed description, and more.

Audience is 77% US and Canada based

Listing – Free or Paid


  1. ibudtender


Listing with ibudtender lets customers explore your location, products, and strains. The site also provides information on cannabis news, culture and events, as well as clinics, dispensaries, and cannabis facts. Register for free to be listed on their map and directory.

Audience is US and Canada based

Listing – Free


  1. Canna Pages


Canna Pages provides a dispensary directory, cannabis field guide, and more. Claim your dispensary listing for free to list your business’ details, company logo, menu and special deals.

Audience is US

Listing – Free


  1. Dispensaries.com


Dispensary.com pulls in 117K views per month to their sleek site that offers key insight into the local marketplace. Listing for free with them lets you present your logo, address, contact info, store hours, and website. Payed options up to $4000 per year get you free profile features, basic menu access, review management, promotional photos and videos, links to all social media profiles, and more. Furthermore, their menu integration allows for online ordering.

Audience is 99% US and Canada based

Listing – Free or Paid

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