Citizen Green Community

The Citizen Green Community was developed to improve patient outcomes and grow medical cannabis businesses using data insights created through smart technologies. It includes:

-an integrated mobile and desktop solution called Prescriptii Patient-Care Solution

-a one-of-a-kind loyalty rewards program based on a utility cryptocurrency, called Citizen Green Onward Rewards

-an exclusive marketplace for trading data and insights between medical cannabis retailers around the world, called Citizen Green MarketPlace

Together, these three components create the Community where retailers can improve medical cannabis patient outcomes, build patient loyalty, and increase the bottom line of their operation.

Prescriptii Patient-Care Solution was developed exclusively for medicinal cannabis retail outlets, both physical and online. If this is you, and you want to learn more about how we can help you enhance the relationship with your patients and customers, and increase your revenue and profit, click here to book a call with our team.

Yes! the Prescriptii Patient-Care Solution can be integrated into an online store. Access to the Onwards Rewards program depends on the membership level you choose.

Yes of course! All your stores can be integrated into the Citizen Green Community and you may choose whether the data will be shared among them.

Unfortunately, not yet. We are currently working on partnerships with the top cannabis POS systems to allow this.

The raw data collected from your patients will be incorporated into our main data repository to make the Citizen Green Community machine learning analysis more powerful and accurate. The solution provides global analytic reporting to subscribed retail members. Our goal is to help retailers grow their business through an enhanced global understanding of medicinal cannabis. Personal data is stripped away and only anonymous health and results data is captured, and the findings from all patient interactions are available to the community members, depending upon their membership levels.

Click Here or email us at, we’d be happy to answer any questions you have, and see if the Citizen Green Community is the right fit for you.

You can also request a live demonstration or better yet, sign up for the Freemium model and give it a try.

Prescriptii Patient-Care Solution

The Prescripitii Patient-Care Solution is an innovative patient care application that builds and enhances the relationship of trust that already exists between medical cannabis retailers and their patients. It uses smart technology and a proprietary Pain-to-Strain™ machine learning engine to drive better health outcomes and allows retail dispensaries to focus on the success of their business.

Prescriptii is a package that includes Prescriptii Retail, a desktop dashboard, and the Prescriptii Patient mobile application. The Retail dashboard links to the Patient mobile application and captures all of the profile and experiential information of the patient. Within the Retail dashboard, there is a product recommendation portal that analyzes the patient profile and medical information and makes a treatment recommendation. Depending on the patient experience, the treatment recommendations can change to create a more positive outcome.

The in-store dashboard will prompt your patient to download the Prescriptii app on their mobile phone. They will then confirm which of your products they purchased, and start tracking their treatment journey.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to get access to Prescriptii. There are several Membership levels, starting with a Freemium option (which is free), and then growing depending on the number of patients you have. We also apply discounts for annual or semi-annual subscriptions.

Learn more about the Citizen Green Community ROI

Freemium – designed to ensure best optimal patient care on a 1-1 basis, with limited reports, at no cost.

Premium Data – best optimal patient care on a 1-1 basis, per ailment and product insights, and multiple reports. Based on the number of patients.

Premium Currency – the same offering as Premium Data, bundled with the Onwards Rewards loyalty program and a package of CGCs.

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Prescpritii Retail is a standalone system that is accessed through an online dashboard – so all you need is a computer or a tablet, the internet, and a browser. However, if you do not have a computer in your store, we will happily provide you with a dedicated tablet.

Yes, you can use Prescriptii on as many platforms as you like within your store.

Citizen Green Onwards Rewards

Onward Rewards is a one-of-a-kind loyalty reward program powered by the Citizen Green Coin (CGC) cryptocurrency as an incentive tool to build loyalty, acquire new patients, and retain existing ones. Patients earn CGCs by adding profile information and contributing data insights, and they are rewarded with special promotions and more personalized treatment programs.

The Citizen Green Coin (CGC) is not like common cryptocurrencies, which can fluctuate in value. The CGC is a utility cryptocurrency that has a value of US$0.10. Our coin functions like a currency but is backed by GCAC revenue and data, and is pegged against the US dollar.

There are several ways for you to get more CGC:

-Buy from us!

-Receive them from your patients as part of the Onward Rewards loyalty program. Remember, they receive CGC for achieving milestones and sharing information about their medical cannabis experience, and they will also spend CGC on your internal marketing and promotions campaigns.

-Earn CGCs by selling data insight reports in the Citizen Green MarketPlace.

There are multiple things you can do with your CGC:

-Attract new patients and retain your existing ones through your loyalty programs.

-Purchase data reports on the Citizen Green MarketPlace.

-Trade CGC for cash on the exchange.

Of course! We understand how busy you can be, so we want to make this as easy as possible. We have several loyalty-rewards program models to choose from, or we can help you design your own.

Citizen Green MarketPlace

The Citizen Green MarketPlace offers a setting in which retailers can trade data insight reports in exchange for Citizen Green Coins (CGCs). Through buying and selling reports and data insights in the MarketPlace, retailers earn CGCs which can be used to drive marketing and promotion programs to increase sales, or to buy reports and data insights to jumpstart their business.

All registered retail dispensaries can buy and sell data insights in the Citizen Green MarketPlace, which is powered by our proprietary blockchain technology. Here’s an example of a MarketPlace transaction:

An L.A.-based dispensary with 500 – 600 clients using our Premium solution can sell generated data insights on arthritis treatment to a new medical cannabis pharmacy in Stuttgart, Germany. The German pharmacy would pay in CGC and use the data insights to jumpstart their business, while the L.A. dispensary has more CGCs to be used with the Citizen Green Onward Rewards program.