Joining forces


We work with non-profits to make getting your cannabis easy as possible.


A team of Ohioans founded MedicateOH in 2019 to do journalism that bridges the gap in education for citizens who seek legally and medically guided answers about their health and wellness, the state’s medical marijuana program, and cannabis as medicine.

Our Mission: changing the cannabis stigma

In early 2019, our team began developing content and a style guideline around reporting on Ohio’s medical marijuana industry. While we hoped to educate patients via the traditional digital magazine advertising model, we quickly found that this wouldn’t work in Ohio. The strict marketing rules imposed by the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program (OMMCP) on the cultivators and dispensaries made it nearly impossible to seek revenue via an ad model. Furthermore, Facebook’s arbitrary rules about reporting on legal medical marijuana impeded our ability to tell our stories in a way that would reach the patients who needed to have this education.

V.E.T.S. (Veterans Ending the Stigma)

We aim to end stigmas associated with veterans, from perceptions about mental illness, and homelessness, to the use of cannabis for PTS, TBI, and pain.

Our Mission: supporting veterans’ well-being through cannabis education and empowerment

we strive to engage veterans, their families and the community on cannabis as a viable treatment option available to treat diseases and other symptoms veterans may be facing due to serving our country. Through education, networking and proper training, we help give veterans the tools they need to maintain a good quality of life.

What makes you eligible?

You simply need to fill out a form and send us: