Prescriptii Patient-Care Solution

An Integrated Desktop & Mobile Solution for Medical Cannabis Business Optimization

Better Patient Outcomes

Prescriptii is an integrated solution that connects retailers with their customers. The Retail application is used to register patients and collect information about their specific ailment and treatment journey. Using a proprietary Pain to StrainTM machine learning engine, Prescriptii can make  suitable product recommendations for the patient.*

Optimized Business Operations

Tracking each patient’s medical cannabis journey allows retailers to provide individually-tailored treatment plans. The system tracks the amount and type of product used providing for inventory management and pricing optimization for the retailer.

Medical Cannabis Data Growth

As Prescriptii captures each patient’s experience through a customer mobile application on an ongoing basis, the information is added to GCAC’s growing repository of medical cannabis data insights. The database includes medical cannabis study data, clinical trial data, and anecdotal insights captured from many different and highly regarded sources. As more and more patient information is included in the repository, it becomes smarter and is able to make improved product recommendations for each patient.

Benefit the Bottom Line

Prescriptii applies machine learning and artificial intelligence to the collected patient data and produces data insight reports which are used by the Retailer to improve the patient care relationship. Data insights can be used for marketing and promotions to increase the spend of a loyal patient, assist with product inventory planning and sales forecasting, or sold on the Citizen Green MarketPlace.

*available where in countries where regulations allow medical cannabis product recommendations.