The Citizen Green Onward Rewards

Creating a Loyal Customer Base

Citizen Green Onward Rewards is a one-of-a-kind loyalty reward program powered by the Citizen Green Coin (CGC) cryptocurrency as an incentive tool to build loyalty, acquire new customers and retain existing ones. Patients earn CGCs through profile information and providing data insights, and they are rewarded with special promotions and more personalized treatment programs.

Valuable Data, Valuable Rewards, Valuable Loyalty

Patients are invited by the Retailer to use the Prescriptii application and enroll in the their system. Once enrolled, patients are asked a non-linear set of questions about their medical history and treatment experiences. As patients contribute profile and experiential data, they earn Citizen Green Coins (CGCs), worth approximately $230 annually. CGCs  are redeemable for discounts and promotions exclusively from their Retailer, increasing loyalty.

How Understanding of Patient,
Treatment, and Business Operations
Contribute to Growth

Applying Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to the collected data, product insights are generated which can be used by the retailer to improve the relationships with the patient. Data insights can also be used for product inventory planning, marketing, sales forecasting, and other valuable business drivers.